Structural Genomics


<p style="&quot;text-align:" justify;"=""> Structural genomics seeks to depict the 3-dimensional structure of each protein encoded by a given genome. This genome-based approach takes into consideration a high-throughput technique for structure assurance by a combination of experimental and modelling approaches. The important contrast between structural genomics and traditional structure prediction is that structural genomics endeavors to decide the structure of each protein encoded by the genome, instead of concentrating on one specific protein. With full-genome arrangements accessible, structure prediction should be possible all the more rapidly through a combination of experimental and modelling approaches, particularly in light of the fact that the accessibility of expansive number of sequenced genomes and beforehand explained protein structures enables researchers to display protein structure on the structures of previously solved homologs

  • Modelling Threading
  • Structure databases
  • Traditional structural prediction
  • Structural homology
  • Structural homology
  • Structural bioinformatics

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